“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” – Mohandas Gandhi


Org4Peace International Helpers welcomes your interest in helping us assist disadvantaged children and communities in SE Asia. If you would like to donate your time and skills and become an Org4Peace International Helper, please review the following guidelines.

Due to the educational needs of the children in our school and the sensitive nature of working with displaced or orphaned children, we limit the number of volunteers we send, and therefore will give preference to interested volunteers who have professional working experience.

Abroad, at home, and online, there are many ways you can assist us.

Volunteer Opportunities

• Raise funds for operational expenses and international programs
• Provide professional services
• Increase awareness of Org4Peace International Helpers
• Organize community based events and awareness programs

For more information, please email us.

Online Volunteering

• Copy Writer/Editor: Write engaging copy for our child educational sponsorship or school programs.
• E-Commerce Developer: Set up a Word Press plug-in Online Store.
• Database Developer: Set up a database to manage children’s sponsorship info on this website.
• Web Developer/Designer: Add a more flexible Photo Gallery to this website.
• Graphic Designer: Create Print & Online Brochures.
• Social media expert.

Volunteering Abroad

We accept a limited number of volunteers who are selected to go abroad. We make our selections based on the following criteria:

• Preference is given to volunteers with professional skills and experience.
• To ensure that volunteers can make a long-lasting meaningful contribution to org4peace projects and to the lives of disadvantaged children, volunteers must serve for a minimum of three months, except in specific, pre-approved circumstances.
• Volunteers are interviewed, and placed by Org4Peace International Directors in Canada and in SE Asia.
• Volunteers are supervised on-site by our local Org4Peace Chairman in Nepal, but will be asked to report to all parties in Canada and SE Asia, for the duration of their placement.
• Volunteers are expected to submit a weekly emailed report to the Org4Peace International Directors in Canada and SE Asia, reflecting their activities and experiences as well as providing feedback.
• Volunteers are bound by confidentiality requirements and must follow all rules and expectations defined by Org4Peace.
• No photos or videos taken by the volunteers may be published or used for commercial purposes or financial gain. All identifying characteristics of people and places, including names and locations, must be changed or omitted in order to protect the identity and privacy of the children, families and communities we work with.

Before You Volunteer

Please read the Before You Volunteer section to familiarize yourself with the realities of volunteering in an underdeveloped country.


For information about volunteer fees and costs while volunteering, please see Fees.

To apply for any of our volunteer programs, please email us your resume and statement of interest.