Volunteer Application Process

If you are interested in volunteering in Nepal, please fill out the volunteer application below.

Once you fill out the application, please email it back to us.

We will contact you shortly after you have submitted your application to discuss your options.

Click on the link below to download the Volunteer Application form.

Volunteer Expectations

We offer a very inexpensive way for you to volunteer abroad and we know you’ll have the experience of a lifetime. Volunteering will also help you in your future endeavors and will be yet another great item to put on your professional CV. Once your placement is successfully completed, you may also request a reference from us.

When you arrive your responsibilities are two-fold. You will have expectations both at your placement but also from org4peace. Before you volunteer, one of our Directors will devise a plan for deliverables that we will ask you to provide us. This is something that will be catered to your skills and what you’re comfortable with. All suggestions are of course welcome and encouraged!

These responsibilities are usually something you can send us by email and should not take a significant amount of time while volunteering abroad or after you return. In fact it will be part of the duties you perform while at your placement. Duties usually assigned are as follows:

-Gathering biographical and family information along with taking pictures of the children yet to be sponsored, and their surroundings.
-Following up with sponsored children; gathering biographical and family information along with taking pictures of the children and their surroundings.
-Taking pictures around the school, of completed projects or those still in progress.

If you are able, we also ask that you take any letters from sponsors, or donated items (if you have room in your luggage).
-If able, we may also ask you to help us advertise, fund-raise and try to help us with our child sponsorship efforts.
-Any other projects as discussed and agreed upon before you leave.

-Volunteers accepted by org4peace are expected to email an informal report to the org4peace Director reflecting their activities and experiences. The frequency to be determined by the amount of time a volunteer spends at a placement. Usually once a week is appropriate.
-Volunteers are bound by the same confidentiality requirements as org4peace members, and directors, and must follow all rules and expectations defined by the organization.
-No photos or videos taken by the volunteers may be published or used for commercial purposes or financial gain. All identifying characteristics of people and places, must be changed to protect the identity and privacy of the subjects.

Volunteer Donation Fee

Once we have spoken with you and accepted you as a volunteer, you will need to pay the volunteer donation/fee which is a minimum of $200. You may contribute more if you wish, as it will help the maintenance of our school and contribute to ongoing projects. This fee must be paid before you leave for your placement.

To pay your fee now, please click on the donate link below.

You do NOT need a paypal account to donate online. You will have the choice to use paypal OR to choose credit card for payment. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.