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Rojina’s Story: From Child Domestic Servant to Student!

Published: January, 2015
Rojina K in class

As a young girl from a rural poor family, Rojina was sent to live at a home where she was told she would be provided with food and an education, in exchange for completing domestic duties.

As with all of the cases like this, when she arrived, the reality was quite different. She was not sent to school, her basic needs were often not met and she had to work much more than was promised. As she missed out on years of schooling, at the age of 13, she cannot read or write.

While still in her servitude, she was caught stealing and was turned over to police. Being only a child, she could not be held indefinitely so she was sent to the courts and it was hoped that her parents or a family member would come for her.

Rojina was finally released from servitude at the age of 12 after many years.

Rojina does not have a father, and her mother did not come to claim her (the reasons can be many, but are not currently known). Therefore, a woman from a small, local organization took her in and now provides her with shelter, guidance and companionship. Shrijana, Rojina’s guardian, is a woman who is known to help victimized women in the community.

As Shrijana was aware of Surya’s and Org4Peace’s work in the area, she came to us for help.

Now just 13 years of age, Rojina had never been to school, until now.

Although she cannot read or write, she is determined to overcome the obstacles that she has faced and is proud to have a chance to go to school and learn all that she has missed.

Org4Peace found her a sponsor through our Sponsorship Program. Rojina is also being helped by our Lunch Program and our Coats 4 Kids Program. She receives a free education, all books, school supplies, school uniforms, a warm winter coat, and lunch (tiffin) every day. The school Principal and teachers also help Rojina after classes end to ensure she has the support she needs to succeed.

She started at our school in nursery class, but has now moved up to kindergarten. She is enthusiastic and is doing really well so far!

Rojina is now a happy and hardworking young girl who loves school.

Thank you for continuing to help kids like Rojina.

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Sabita’s Sponsorship Story:

Published October, 2012
Sabita & her mom

When Sabita’s father died five years ago, her mother Nirmala didn’t know what she would do. In a small village where there are few jobs, and with the breadwinner now gone, she was afraid for herself and for her young daughter.

Like many rural parents in Nepal, Nirmala wanted to send her only child to school so that she could grow up to have better options than she herself had when she was growing up. But there was no way to afford a place to live, food, and an education for her daughter.

Through sponsorship, Sabita is now at school and thriving. Nirmala also got a job as a cook at the very school where her daughter attends. Sabita has been attending free of charge thanks to a sponsor who pays for her education and school supplies. Mother and daughter are now able to live in a small rented room about 20 minutes from the school and last year Sabita was the top student in her grade 5 class!

There is more good news. We just received an update that Nirmala has started her own business! By next year, Sabita’s sponsorship funds will help another child as her mother will likely be able to pay for Sabita’s education.

Over three years, this is how sponsorship has helped this rural family.

With the help of amazing sponsors from around the world, many children now have a chance to go to school and their families get the needed help to get back on their feet after a crisis. Your help can and does break the cycle of dependence which enslaves families in a life of poverty.

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