Gaurishankar English School (School on the Mountain)

Current Project in the works for this school:

Many poor rural children would love the opportunity to go to school, and have a chance at a brighter future with better options.

Our school is in need of expansion to accommodate more rural children from marginalized and impoverished areas of Nepal. Each year we also build more classrooms, and improve existing buildings such as the children’s washroom areas.

Although we support both boys and girls, we do have a focus on girl’s education as girls tend to be kept back from school more often, and women are more marginalized than men in Nepali society.

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About the School

The Gaurishankar English School (aka School on the Mountain) was established in 1994 but was shut down by Maoist insurgents during the decade-long civil war in Nepal. After the conflict ended, the school reopened in 2005-2006. The school had to be rebuilt into more safer, one-floor classrooms after the earthquakes in April and May of 2015.

The majority of the students that attend are of low socioeconomic status and/or are from underprivileged ethnic groups. There are also many orphans who attend.

The school currently has 370 students, more than 200 of which are not able to pay to attend, and who need sponsors. Sponsorship costs just $20 CAD/USD per month.

The student’s ages currently range from 3 to 14 years old, and classes range from nursery to grade 7.

The school building and the grounds are rented. The school is run almost entirely on donations and does not receive any financial aid from the government. A small board of community members manages the school’s finances.

Teachers at this school

There are 19 staff and teachers at the school who depend on volunteers, sponsorship and donations to add classes, get supplies and build onto the school.

For a fascinating history of this school, see the title “Some Interesting History” under Surya Krishna Shrestha’s profile.

Sponsor A Child’s Education

Children who cannot afford school fees need sponsorship from caring donors. The cost to sponsor one child’s education is $20 US/CDN a month.

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