Volunteering Fees

Org4Peace International Helpers Donation Fee: Minimum $200 CDN or USD
We charge all of our volunteers the same one-time donation fee. This fee contributes to continuing community projects and helps to offset operational costs.

Our fees are low compared to other organizations and corporation which profits off volunteer fees. Having said that, we hope the low fee inspires potential volunteers to contribute more and to help fund raise for specific projects. If you are able to do so, we ask that you contribute more than the minimum fee, in order to provide more support to the school and to our child care centers.

Accommodation Fees & Options
Although each volunteer placement has a home-stay option, we do offer the volunteer the option to rent a hotel or hostel close to the volunteer placement and can suggest options. If you change your mind about your housing option, we can work with you to find you another home stay or hotel/hostel.

Cost of Living Fees at your Placement: Each of our organization partners has set their own fees for accommodation and/or food.

Please check the fees for any of the project(s) in which you are interested. Please note that we do not have any control over our partners’ fees; it is the volunteer’s choice which project they choose, so please make sure that you have read this information carefully when making your decision.

What is covered by the fees:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals at the placement site or at the home-stay
  • Orientation by one of our on-site coordinators
  • Ongoing guidance by our on-site or off-site coordinators

What is NOT covered by the fees:

  • Flight to the destination country where you will be volunteering
  • Any accommodation outside a pre-arranged home-stay, or alternate accommodation costs if there is no home-stay available for a certain project.
  • If you choose not to stay at a home-stay and instead would rather stay at a hotel or hostel, please let us know and we can make arrangements for you or suggest good accommodation close to your placement. Food costs range depending on if you eat where the locals eat, or if you eat in the tourist areas. Food bought in the tourist food areas are approximately two to three times the price of local food costs, but the variety is much greater than in local food shops. Prices will of course fluctuate by region and season.
  • Any food outside your home-stay at restaurants or elsewhere
  • Leisure activities, transportation costs, or travel on days off or during holidays

Pay Volunteer Donation Fee

If you have already been accepted as an Org4Peace volunteer, please pay the volunteer donation/fee. This fee must be paid before you leave for your placement.

To pay your fee now, please click on the donate link below.

You do NOT need a paypal account to donate online. Please read and follow the instructions when you click on the donate button as you will have options to pay by credit card or by paypal.