Nepal Post-Earthquake Relief Fund

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that devastated Nepal on April 25, and the magnitude 7.3 earthquake on May 12, have so far killed over 10,000 people and left millions homeless and displaced.

Access to more remote areas was delayed or been completely cut off from major aid efforts. The terrain and politics of Nepal delayed this progress significantly.

In the first few weeks post-earthquake, our staff provided food, and some shelter for rural people in the Dolakha / Charikot area.

When the crisis passed, we quickly repaired and rebuilt our school buildings using earthquake-proof methods so that classes could resume as quickly as possible.

The situation still continues as people are still trying to rebuild. However recent political upheaval and tensions with India have cut many people off from resources such as fuel, medicine and resources needed for daily living.

The more funds we can raise, the more families we can help. Any amount is appreciated and will add up to help more people. We wish to thank those who have already donated. It is greatly appreciated.

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