Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship for Org4Peace International Helpers and the children and families we support is critical to the maintenance of current projects, and the development of future initiatives.

Org4Peace International Helpers has been successful because of its volunteer-driven approach which sees what is possible when even a few dedicated individuals are brought together to accomplish common goals. Imagine what could be built and what hopes could be inspired with more support.

Please help us reach our goal of expanding our school in Nepal and building a children’s transition home. Please consider making a corporate donation to Org4Peace International Helpers today.

Your donation could take many forms:

1. A commitment of $2,000, $5,000 or any other amount your organization is able to donate
2. Taking a collection at your company party, or Christmas party
3. Match your employees donations to Org4Peace
4. Holding a 50/50 draw with your colleagues
5. Donating your products or other items to Org4Peace or sending them directly to Nepal, to help families or help the school. Families and/or the school could use:

  • i. Warm coats
  • ii. Clothing (for ages 3 to 14)
  • iii. Writing books (1 subject, 3 subject, 5 subject)
  • iv. School supplies
  • v. School backpacks
  • vi. Used digital cameras
  • vii. Laptops for a new lab
  • viii. General donations to help set up the new library and children’s playroom
  • ix. Sponsor a rural children’s education

For more information, please contact us.